Female Fronted Metal Band

SECRET RULE are a concentrated of energy, a mix of heavy guitar riffs, catchy vocal melodies with electronic elements and incredible keyboard lines. Something different to have in your favourite playlists!

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keep you updated on which shows are coming up

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About us

Line up: Angela Di Vincenzo – Vocals Andy Menario – Guitar and Loop Sequences Nicola Corrente – Drums Michele Raspanti – Bass External collaboration: Henrik Klingenberg – Keyboards (Sonata Arctica) on the "Machination" and "The key to the world" albums. The band was formed at the beginning of 2014 with the intention to create a special sound with powerful rythmics and catchy melodies. The band is fronted by the powerful and crystal clear vocals of Angela Di Vincenzo (Kyla Moyl), masterminded by lead guitarist Andy Menario (Martiria) who has worked with big names such as Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Jeff

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