Third music video single “UNInVERSE” out now!

Italian metal band Secret Rule is excited to announce the release of their third single, “UNInVERSE,” from the highly anticipated album of the same name, set to release on November 24th via Lucky Bob Records / SPV. Following the success of their previous singles, ‘Disorder’ and ‘Shards of Time,’ ‘UNInVERSE’ promises to captivate fans with its powerful ballad and emotional music video.

The music video for “UNInVERSE” establishes an introspective mood, perfectly complementing the song’s emotional depth and symbolism. The concept behind “UNInVERSE” is a unique fusion of the words “Universe” and “Inverse.” This powerful composition delves into the notion of an inverted universe, a realm that beckons us back to our origins, setting the stage for a fresh start and a new world.


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