Our new album, UNInVERSE, is finally out!

We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of our newest album, “UNInVERSE.” Available today via Lucky Bob Music / SPV on all digital platforms, this album signifies a significant stride in the evolution of our sound.

With a harmonious blend of contemporary riffs and symphonic melodies, “UNInVERSE” crafts a sonic journey that transcends diverse musical styles while delving into profound themes. It stands as an epic yet unapologetically outspoken piece of art.

In response to the turbulent world events of recent years, we embarked on a creative exploration, envisioning the concept of resetting the Universe (Universe + Inverse = UNInVERSE). This concept offers humanity a second chance to coexist harmoniously with the Universe and within itself.

“UNInVERSE” is more than an album; it’s a sonic exploration pushing the boundaries of conventional music. We invite you to navigate through its dark shades and bright lights, contemplating your role in the grand scheme.

🎶 Explore “UNInVERSE” on all digital platforms: Secret Rule – UNInVERSE (orcd.co)

For those seeking a tangible connection with our music, “UNInVERSE” is available in various formats on our webstore, including digipack, vinyl, and a special limited box set.

🛒 Visit our webstore to secure your copy: www.secretrule.it/store

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