The 7 Endless

Released Date: Jan 25 2019

Secret Rule released ‘The 7 Endless‘ on 25th of January 2019 by Pride and Joy music.
From the very first note on the very first track, to the very last note on the very last track, the music in “The 7 Endless” is like a machine, fully functional, fully constructed and simply, gorgeous.

The album is a concept album with a theme and a story based upon characters in the Neil Gaiman comic book series, The Sandman.

The lyrics are well-constructed, well-written and beautifully arranged. It’s very hard to write lyrics that are rotating about the same theme axis and yet each song can stand alone. Yet Secret Rule has done it!

You can find in this album power metal riffs, synth orchestration, immense vocal arrangements, blazing solos, and hard rock groove.