Secret Rule @Wings of Bea Festival

Secret Rule are playing at Wings of Bea Festival in SanthiĆ  (VC-Italy) on the 3th June.
The festival was born in 2009, to celebrate the memory of Beatrice Bedon (Bea), a young girl from SanthiĆ , who died in 2008 in a tragic car accident. The festival is organized by Bea’s parents to remember their daughter through Heavy Metal, the music she loved.
Wings of Bea Metalfest is a 100% free event, financed by sponsors and with the services offered during the festival, like food, drinks, merchandising.

Wings of Bea Metalfest is connected with the Association “xBea” (forBea), a no profit organization that promotes many charity events focused on the young.

With the earned money The Association xBea also helped Italian people from Emilia Romagna, a region recently struck by earthquake in 2012.