We have our philosophy

We have our philosophy, take a look…

We live in a crazy world, a lot of things happen around us, and every second of our lives we are busy doing something, or understand something or simply listening to something. There are a lot of important things in our life, and it’s extremely important for us not to lose sight of the right reason why we play music and where it is placed on our scale of values in our personal lives and in the World. We have always believed in our efforts, and we have always counted on our strength. Maybe because it’s more fulfilling to reach a goal alone instead of with the help of someone. Yes, it’s true, but in music, if someone plays something, you surely need someone to listen to it.
On our path, we have tried a lot of ways to reach our goals, often we paid bookers, promoters, labels, and agencies for their services, but every time we weren’t satisfied with the results. I think this is the biggest frustration of anyone who lives as a musician. So, we decided to do everything by ourselves. Now, we create music, record it, mix and master our albums, we created an agency for booking, promotion, and everything connected to the music world.  In these last few years, a lot of bands have asked for special help from their fans and people with many methods, most of which were more or less questionable.

Some have tried with crowdfunding campaigns; others asked for money for survival and used their music as a lever to move people to pity them. We are not these kinds of people.
Yes, we tried a crowdfunding campaign for one year, but then we realized that it’s just a mode to do the presale. We have never asked our fans for money to keep the band alive…and never will do.
We think there are a lot of more important things on this Earth that need real help. People who haven’t enough money to live, populations in Africa who die without medicines, Countries at war, Earthquakes, etc….I could continue for many pages.

So, we think it is absolutely sad to ask other people for help to do art. Art is something born from passion, from the bowels…something you don’t need money for to express it.
So, we prefer to say that rock stars need money.
To be a rock star is a choice.
If you wanna be a rock star you have to keep in mind that no one asked you to do it. It’s your choice.
…exactly, like a businessman.
So, if you are a businessman, you know perfectly well that there are risks in your activity…but if you chose to be a businessman, you can’t complain because business is bad.
You can just roll up your sleeves and push on with all your strength.

This is what we do.
We are lucky people because every one of us has a day job, so we are able to invest in our music by ourselves…we don’t need easy help from people. We just play because we love it…and now after 6 years, we can say, we are a rock band….yes, like businessmen.
We manage our activity, we are always careful about the investments and gains, but mostly we wanna always give something in exchange for something else.

Every time we have asked for money and for support from our fans, we have always given them something…and this is the pride of our essence.
Music is the essence of the exchange…feelings, sensations, emotions…there’s nothing better for us and we hope for you.

Okay, it was a real intense sermon…I’m sorry about that, but I think you now have a better idea of who we are.

And in addition, if you decide or have decided to support us, you’ll know if this is a good choice.

Yes, I talk about support, because for a band like us, everything has meaning when we have people who listen to us and support/share our music.

Every single cent we take from our supporters is used to produce something new or to increase our gears for giving you a superior show. For this reason, every little detail of our exchange is important for us.
Yes, sometimes we can go wrong, we are just human being, but surely you’ll always know we are doing our best effort to give you something special.

Only you are our judge, our balance needle, you are the only one who can give us real feedback on what we do every day.

Musicians have only one way to evaluate the impact of their musical activity on the world – our own audience. YOU are the addressee of all our music messages, the reason, why we go ahead.

So, thank you always for your support, it means the world to us.