Nicola Pedron


PLACE OF BIRTH: Cles (Italy)


FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS/COMPOSERS: Alter Bridge, Slash, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater, Rhapsody, Pink Floyd, Within Temptation

HOBBIES AND PASSIONS: dungeons & dragons, physics, videogames

FAVOURITE MOVIES: The lord of the rings, Interstellar, Insidious, Ocean 11, Angels and Demons, The name of the rose

FAVOURITE TV SERIES: Breaking Bad, The legend of Vox Machina


Since I was a young kid I remember singing along songs by bands like Queen, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, put on the stereo by my parents, musicians themselves. At the age of around 6 I started playing some chords on the guitar, while at 8 I started attending a music school, learning music theory and playing the flute. I really enjoyed playing and singing, I also joined the school choir which gave me the opportunity to learn about harmonies and dynamics. But the main change arrived when I met my piano teacher, an incredible person to whom I owe so much as a musician and as a person. He taught me not only how to play music, but most importantly how to feel music: this is something that I still carry with myself and that inspires me to create something in the best way I can.
At the age of 13 I joined my first band as a guitarist together with Sebastiano and other friends, an experience that taught me a lot about how to work in a group of different people and different ideas and that gave me a lot of satisfaction and enjoynment. After being part of other bands as a guitarist Sebastiano asked me if I could be Secret Rule’s bass player for the tours supporting respectively Visions of Atlantis and Semblant, then one thing led to the other and now I’m here, carrying on Michele’s legacy as the bass player for this amazing family!