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We’ve never asked you to support us to keep the band alive and we never will, fortunately, we all have day jobs to sustain us, and we know the majority of the world is much worse off, we are conscious that in this era if you have a band you have to manage it like a business company. So, you have to know the business risks, your competitors, the market, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you can improve, and what you can do to satisfy your audience. But you must never forget that you’re making art. It’s extremely important because if we talk about art, we have to talk about passion, something that comes from deep within our hearts. That passion that merges you with us, putting us on the same vibration, on the same wave, and on the same level.

But if you give us some money, we wanna give you back something with real value.

What is real value for us?

We’ve thought a lot about this. We would like to share with you something more intimate, something we couldn’t share on our social official pages and profiles because of the privacy. What we’re going to offer you, special friends and supporters, is something that is usually hidden. We want you to be deeply part of our music and life journey. We trust you.

How have we chosen to do this?

Many bands in these last years have appealed to Patreon for support from fans. But what doesn’t work on Patreon? First, Patreon takes a percentage from your payments/donations; second, it leads you to manage that space as a standard social network. So, the question is easy, why do we have to divide part of your precious support with a platform and why do we have to move everyone on another platform that is going to add to all the others that already exist like Facebook, Instagram, our website, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.???

So we’ve thought of a combo system using our Official Website and a “Secret Facebook Group”.

Considering the fact that if you are a real Secret Rule fan, surely you will want at least our next new album at home!

So, this is our proposal.

How will it work?

You put a fixed fee of 25 euros one-off to be sure to have a physical copy (signed by the band) of our next album sent to your home in advance with respect to the worldwide release (all shipping costs included).

With a monthly fee (with a different quota): you’ll have exclusive access to a “secret Facebook group” where we’ll share everything about our writing and recording process with pictures, videos, sample audios, work in progress; we’ll talk with you about the next cover song to be made; we’ll share with you our daily life; we can exchange advice with each other like friends; we’ll answer your questions; we’ll chat about a specific topic we can choose together. 

A space for sharing old live music videos, maybe with some little musical errors or a wrong note, but surely perfect to watch with special friends as you are. We love to smile and joke about our not so perfect performances.

How is all this possible?

Since we don’t have fans that belonged to the A or B category, whatever quota you choose to support us, you’ll always see all the contents we share in the Secret Facebook Group.

Now, feel free to choose the best way to support us:

– Do you wanna offer a virtual breakfast every month only to Angela, because she is an incredible singer, she is super beautiful; she is very tiny and eats less than the others? : Okay…you can support us with a monthly donation of 5 Euros.

– Do you wanna offer a virtual coca cola drink every month to the whole band, because Angela has an incredible voice, Andy is a super macho-man, Michele is a damned metal head in the deepest part of his atoms, and Alex is bald? Okay, you can donate 10 Euros every month.

– Do you wanna offer a virtual slice of pizza every month to the whole band, because we are Italian and love pizza (but without pineapples), or because Andy’s head viewed from above looks like a perfect pizza Margherita? Then you can support us with a monthly donation of 20 Euros.

– Do you wanna offer a virtual fish dinner every month to Angela because she is the Queen of Elegance, or because you know that Andy, Miki, and Alex eat more than her, so it would cost too much for you?  You can support us with a donation of 50 Euros every month.

– Do you wanna offer a typical Italian dinner with pasta, meat, and vegetables, with red wine and tiramisu to the whole band, or if you wanna be one of the executive producers of the next official contents  (official videos, official album release, etc.) because it’s time that the World knows who’s behind the success of  Secret Rule? …You can support us with a monthly donation of 100 Euros…but at this point you deserve a special gift, so everything we produce as new merch will be yours.

Every cent we’ll receive will be invested in the promotion of Secret Rule across the world – mostly through online advertising such as Facebook/Instagram ads and all the things that can help us to spread our music and to make our family bigger. We don’t take anything for ourselves, as we told you, we already have our day jobs to pay our rent, to pay our car maintenance or fuel, to eat and sustain our families.

Okay, have you made your choice?  …perfect, welcome to the Secret Rule Metal & Passion…join us on this group and enjoy the contents.


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