Concept Album “Transposed Emotions”

July 25th 2013, the “day out of time”.

The day that represents the beginning of a new evolutionary cycle for mankind.
It took three Super Moons, a tetrahedron of planets to be aligned inside our solar system, in order to finally rejoin the magic sound of our beloved Earth and the singing of our consciences in a unique polyphonic symphony of frequencies.

Time for knowledge has come, time of deep exploration and intuitive comprehension.

If this evolution process won’t be stopped, human beings will not be victims of duality anymore, nor manipulators nor manipulated beings will exist anymore.
The game of life would then see all its pawns in harmony for the very first time, moving by their own will, in a perfectly synchronized mechanism.

Today manipulators, the great hidden power, are frightened by this chance.

The evil of the century: depression. Many, too many, are affected. It’s a matter of chemistry, of deactivation of entire brain areas. The depressed is not listening anymore. He cant feel anymore the magic singing of the Earth. He cannot be awakened, he cannot welcome the evolutionary process. This is the weapon of those who wish to fight against the will of the Universe.

This is the solution of the Secret Time.

After many years, Secret Time, the organization that through genetic manipulation has developed the virus that can deactivate the P11 protein (serotonin receptor and, therefore, governor of depression and self-esteem),
has now finally the fate of the planet in his hands. Everyone is left alone against his own demons.

This is now the true illness of society, and it spreads itself out of control in the major cities all over the world: New York, Hong Kong, Rome, Berlin, Paris…
People begin to act senseless over and over. It’s pure madness, spreading everywhere..

A voice coming from the future, the Carrier of the “secret”, meets the guardians of the ”rule”, the only ones that are immune to the virus. They join together forming the SECRET RULE.
The “secret” is to use the frequencies of the Earth, in order to transmit to those who have been infected, the “rules” for the reawakening.

One rule implies always being ourselves, one rule requires to know ourselves.
The “Rule” is NEVER to fear to be ourselves.

Following this hidden way, the “SECRET RULE” will lead to the opening of the doors of heart and mind… the doors of perception, of listening, of living the absolute equilibrium: pure harmony!

Images coming from the past guide the harmonic flow of the SECRET RULE bringing back long forgotten memories.

Ancient values become motivations for the a future that seems now lifeless.
It’s time for the new awakening, it’s time to listen.