Secret Rule Superpuzzle + “Against” digital vinyl 7″ format + “Against” Hoodie

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This item will be shipped on the 7th of December, not before.

AGAINST: Digital Vinyl 7"

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Secret Rule: Superpuzzle 1000 pcs

This item will be shipped on the 7th of December, not before.

"Against" Hoodie

The Official "Against" hoodie we created just for you!


With this special offer, you’ll get the Official “Against” Hoodie, the “Against” digital vinyl 7″ and the Secret Rule superpuzzle.

Secret Rule superpuzzle:
The print is coated with a glossy and waterproof treatment.
The print is mounted on Eska quality blue card imported from Holland. The thickness of the cardboard is 2 mm, which makes it very robust.
The different types of pieces fit together perfectly, for the precision of the cut.
The box, with the Secret Rule image on the lid and sides, is then wrapped in PCV.
The puzzle has been produced using good quality cardboard
1000 piece puzzle measures 50 x 70cm (approximately) when complete.

“Against” digital vinyl 7″
This is an exclusive special format where the future meets the old style! The “Against” album CD mounted on a Vinyl 7″ (the vinyl is just a representation, it doesn’t play).

You save 20 euros!

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"Against" Hoodie


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